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S = { X S + n X i i = 1 , i = 1 , , n }

(shown in Cattior Mens Comfy Indoor Outdoor Slippers Leather Slippers Black sAOaDAu
for n = 3 ). For A S n the nearest correlation matrix is

X = arg min X S A X F ,

i.e., the projection of A onto the set S . To pose this as a conic optimization we define the linear operator

s v e c ( U ) = ( U 11 , 2 U 21 , , 2 U n 1 , U 22 , 2 U 32 , , 2 U n 2 , , U n n ) ,

which extracts and scales the lower-triangular part of U . We then get a conic formulation of the nearest correlation problem exploiting symmetry of A X ,

(6.34) BalaMasa Womens Dress Buckle Zipper Suede Boots ABL10208 Red q7ZvB
minimize t subject to z 2 t s v e c ( A X ) = z d i a g ( X ) = e X 0.

This is an example of a problem with both conic quadratic and semidefinite constraints in primal form . We can add different constraints to the problem, for example a bound γ on the smallest eigenvalue by replacing X 0 with X γ I .

So you want to reap all those benefits of UGC? Here are 3 great examples of UGC marketing campaigns:

Last year, Destination Canada (the organization charged with promoting Canadian tourism) launched a huge video campaign to target the U.S. travel market. But instead of sending videographers to capture b-roll from all over their vast country (which happens to be the second largest country in the world by landmass!), they decided to tap into the visual content Canadians and international visitors were already sharing online.

Within 2 weeks, they’d acquired rights to over 2500 photos and videos from social media and turned them into a series of short, fun, and exciting videos. These videos went viral, reaching over 3 million views within a week.

Bella Marie Womens Vermont61 Strappy Ankle Boots Blue Denim fP13iQxacZ
, located in Ohio, curates more than just fine art — on their digital channels, the Columbus Museum curate the best visitor photos to showcase. They encourage patrons to take photos while they’re there and use the hashtag EnllerviiD Women Multicolor Braid Fashion Sneakers Casual SlipOn Platform Weave Shoes 909 Silver 9cWioEMUD


They then choose the best photos and transform them into website galleries, such as this one from their homepage :

And it doesn’t stop there! This museum’s Instagram feed is also bursting with vibrant UGC from their guests.

Pikolinos Mens Chile 01G5055 Oxford Olmo Leather FeYIn

Columbus Museum of Art

October 8, 2017

Happy Sunday! Enjoy free admission today for #pncfreesundays. Photography is encouraged in the galleries like this great from @annaschulzart. Tag us ...

By using visual UGC like this in their marketing, they let their fans do the talking, and paint an authentic picture of what a visit to their museum looks like — through user-generated content.

In 2017, Tim Hortons , a Canadian coffee chain, took another stab at a discontinued product: dark roast coffee. And to reintroduce it to their coffee-adoring customers, they decided to loop in the social chatter from their last launch (which hadn’t gone as well as planned).

What they did with that UGC was ingenious:

We heard you, Canada! Dark Roast coffee is now darker and richer because of you. Try a fresh cup and tell us how we did using TOMS Womens 10009299 Silver Crochet Glitter Alpargata Flat Balsamgreen wWokP

— Tim Hortons (@TimHortons) Nine West Womens Speakup Fabric Black Fabric Fabric Q3bzE

This is a really great example of combatting buyer objections. Instead of pretending all the negative UGC from last time didn’t exist, they chose to acknowledge it, and show that they’ve improved — and invite people to continue telling them their thoughts on social media!

Sign in GOMNEAR Running Shoes Men Lightweight Laceup Breathable Casual Winter Outdoor Fashion Sneakers Black E87EYh
Skechers Performance Womens Go Step Shift Walking Shoe Charcoal EsaCMnU9
Blockchain enthusiast. Believer in transformational technologies. Stanford alum.

Today we are happy to announce the first release of our Bloom documentation for the Bloom development infrastructure.

Many dApps offer a promising future, but lack documentation and a robust developer ecosystem. We are consistently pushing forward to build a vibrant development community for businesses and projects building on Bloom. Now, with clear documentation and streamlined features, it’s easier than ever to begin building your business, dApp, or feature on Bloom’s infrastructure.

You can view our new documentation hosted on the Gitup Women Diabetic Slippers Arthritis Edema Memory Foam Nonslip Plantar Fasciitis Washable Adjustable Pantoufles Gitup Comfortable Clinic Open Toed Shoes For Diabetic Pregnant Patients Blue CC7hvf

Bloom is an end-to-end protocol for decentralized identity and credit scoring. The protocol’s core functionality is handled with Ethereum smart contracts and uses L2 scaling solutions such as state channels to ensure fast and cheap operations on the blockchain.

This documentation will teach you how to be an attester on the Bloom network, build solutions that require BloomIDs, and even make your own Bloom client for handling customer operations.

Bloom’s APIs enable a variety of capabilities; from simply requesting BloomID data, to building something that’s never been done before.

Capabilities in this release:

This documentation includes many new developer friendly enhancements:

If you need any support, please join us on our Slack channel as we would be happy to assist you.

What Can YouBuild?

BloomID and Bloom smart contracts present solutions to a variety of challenges in both the traditional and decentralized ecosystems.

Example Application: Sybil Resistance and Identity Verification

BloomID, by design, is a sybil resistant identity. One of the core components of Bloom protocol is Identity Attestations. The attestations contracts enable users to securely associate verified identity information with their BloomID in order to strengthen their profile.

Example Application: Bloom Client

Bloom smart contracts can be accessed by anyone. For example, Bloom relies on community voting to make important protocol decisions. Anyone can create a Poll in the Bloom network by interacting with the VotingCenter contract, without needing to interface through the bloom dApp.

See What Others are Building:

Bloom has a number of applications partnered to develop on top of Bloom. Take a read of our partnership section on our blog to see how others are integrating with the Bloom Ecosystem.

Real Time Status Reporting

We have launched a Status Page , which displays real-time and historical data on system performance.

This page allows you to view uptime of the Bloom dApp, the Bloom website, as well as auxiliary Bloom modules over the last 90 days. We will report any past incidents and provide transparency into any planned maintenance or API changes.

Bloom Development Blog

Providing a good user experience is fundamental to building good products. This is one of the most important aspects that drive user adoption and determine the products that people love.

We’ve launched a portal on our blog specifically targeted for developers. As we develop and open source more API’s, contracts, and user experience enhancements, you will be able to follow along our blog to understand best practices and updates to the bloom infrastructure.

The blog is not limited to specifically Bloom development, as we’ve done in the past, we’ll post guides and resources to bolster the entire Ethereum development community.

Learn More AboutBloom

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